The Politikz of Che Guevara

Theory and Practice by Samuel Farber   A political portrait focused on Guevara’s thought and political record aimed at dispelling many of the myths about the revolutionary. This reexamination of Ernesto “Che” Guevara’s thoughts on socialism, democracy, and revolution is a must-read for today’s activists—or anyone longing to fight for a better world. Fifty years […]

What iz Your Nationality?

by an Arkansas prisoner       permalink   Comrades, the question at hand is also the very impediment to the so-called African-Amerikkkans’ right to determine our own destiny and experience true freedom. Ask anyone besides the so-called African-Amerikkkans what is their nationality and they will gladly tell you with great pride the national identity […]

Brazil’z Nu-Black Power Movement

By: Leesa Dillon Brazil is an open apartheid country. AFRICANGLOBE – The new Black power movement in Brazil is big. Brazil is known for its beautiful beaches, beautiful women, samba, sun and celebration. For decades, millions have enjoyed the music, food, dance and culture of the fifth-largest country in the world, especially now as the nation […]

After the Black Pantherz: moving forward

U.S. prison conditions, solitary confinement, post-prisoners rights movement of the ’60s and ’70s, and the absence of the Black Panther Party vanguard. Sehu Kessa Saa Tabansi SCI Greene, Waynesburg, PA Power to the People! We need prisoners’ empowerment! We need participation in the broader movement fighting U.S. imperialism. This here blog post is intended to […]

United Statez (united snakez) hide information about itz politikal prisonerz (PP/POWz)

Most of the 54 prisoners convicted for political motives are racial or national minorities; many are imprisoned for decades; after 9/11, civil rights restrictions only worsened in the country by Breno Altman The diplomat Andrew Jackson Young was a leading figure when Jimmy Carter led the United States between 1977 and 1980. Born in New […]

A list of 54 politikal prisonerz (PP/POWz) in the United Statez (united snakez)

  NATIVE AMERIKANZ Byron Shane Chubbuck (Oso Blanco) Lewisburg Federal Penitentiary, Pennsylvania Date of birth: February 26th, 1967 Year of imprisonment: 1999 Sentence: 80 years Afiliation: Zapatista Army of National Liberation Website: Leonard Peltier Federal Correctional Complex –  Coleman,  Florida Date of birth: September 12th, 1944 Year of imprisonment: 1976 Sentence: two life sentences Affiliation: […]

The Black Pantherz were the 60’z vanguard

The group shook the United States with its confrontational attitude against racism and state power by Breno Altman “They are the greatest threat to the country’s internal security”, stated John Edgar Hoover, the powerful head of the FBI, during a meeting in which he declared open war on the young African-American political party, which, in […]

The Black Panther Party – Intercommunal Newz Service

Never to forget the courageous struggle of the many heroes of the civil rights movement in the US and other countries throughout the world. The people who stood up for human dignity and the end of oppression will allways remain in the conscience of mankind. This 2007 documentary from The Dr. Huey P. Newton Foundation […]

Black Panther Party (BPP) 50th anniversary

Founded 50 years ago on October 15, 1966, the Black Panther Party for Self-Defense created the foundational iconography of Black radicalism in the United States. Their revolutionary aesthetics and self-controlled image established them in the nation’s eye: Black berets, Afros, leather jackets, and militarized organization.