Richard Brown Joins the Ancestors – Presente!

Richard Brown (March 23, 1941 – June 21, 2018) Richard passed away on June 21st. Black Panther, community leader and activist, fearless fighter for justice and liberation. You can watch Legacy of Torture to see more about Richard’s life. Advertisements

Black Livez Matter Demandz Freedom for Killerz of Black and White Copz

by Daniel Greenfield The Black Nationalist hate group Black Lives Matter released its agenda. Among its demands for reparations and a tax on air, not to mention an end to automation, it demands freedom for cop killers. The “political power” part of the agenda demands, “We are calling for the release of all political prisoners […]

Oakland, Calif., conference backz U.S. politikal prisonerz

By Judy Greenspan Oakland, Calif. — “I am here today to ask people to support our political prisoners. If we all get together, I am sure we can bring them home,” said Richard Brown, a former Black Panther Party member and himself a former political prisoner from San Francisco. Brown spoke on a panel of […]