The Real Walking Dead

  by Russell Maroon Shoatz If you have not accepted that we are experiencing a mass extinction, like the one that wiped out the dinosaurs, then count yourself amongst The Real Walking Dead. Admittedly, this is a subject that is so mind-boggling, even those who are courageous enough to face the fact that there is an […]

Remembering Hugo “Yogi” Pinell

Why Hugo “Yogi” Pinell Will Be Remembered By Russell Maroon Shoatz Copyright 2015 © Pampata Hero Unbroken Giant Outstanding Young-at-heart Openhearted Genuine Inspired Powerful Implacable New man Egalitarian Long-standing Loving Exceptionally Well Done!

Philly: This Saturday 💥 Birthday Celebration for Maroon💥

 Philadelphia August 22 from 12 – 4pm Celebration of LIFE Gladys I. Shoatz, Russell Maroon Shoatz, Rufus Harley Saturday August 22, 2015 Noon to 4pm Sayre Recreation Center 5856 Spruce Street Philadelphia, PA 19139 Vendors Welcome! Food Music and information on Mass Incarceration, Political Prisoners & Expungement programs. African Martial Arts Called “Taming the Great […]

Beyond Innocence: US Politikal Prisonerz n the Fight Against Mass Incarceration

by Dan Berger (Photo: Barbed Wire via Shutterstock) source: President Obama’s recent statements about mass incarceration, together with his decision to commute the sentences of 46 people serving lengthy and life sentences in federal prison on drug charges, treat “nonviolent drug offenders” as the symbolic figureheads of America’s prison problem. This framing seems to […]

Russell ‘Maroon’ Shoatz Health Update: Radiation Treatments Over

My primary report is that I have continued with the radiation therapy, at the same cancer center, for the entire month of April and into the first day of May, 2015. Furthermore, there is movement on another major health concern regarding my right eye. In addition to weathering common symptoms of the treatment, the fatigue […]

The Dragon and the Hydra: A Historical Study of Organizational Methodz

By Russell Maroon Shoatz Maroon’s supporters at the U.S. Social Forum in Detroit – 2010 “You have fifteen, twenty, fifty years of civil wars and people’s struggles to go through, not only to change the conditions but in order to change yourselves and make yourselves fit for political rule.” – Karl Marx addressing the IWMA, […]

Brooklyn Thiz Sunday! Spring Maroon

Greetings Friends and Maroon Supporters, If your in NYC this weekend, please stop by and check out the Spring Maroon Brooklyn Tour Stop!  Free Maroon Senegal Sponsors Food 4 Thought! Sunday May 10th 4pm @ Jollof’s Restaurant 1168 Bedford Av Brooklyn NY A roundtable smorgasbord of Maroon’s Ideas from the Mosaic to the Hydra & […]

Why Mumia Must Live, and US imperialism Must Die: The Link Between Politikal Prisonerz and the War on Terror

by Danny Haiphong The so-called War on Terror and the national security state did not emerge full-blown from the rubble of 9/11. Both are products of previous waves of police repression, mainly targeting Black radicals. “The FBI’s counter insurgency war on the Black Panther Party chapters and leaders like Mumia established for local police departments […]

Maroon’z Health, Spring Tour, Mumia and more….

Greetings Maroon supporters worldwide! It’s been a momentous last couple years in the long struggle to free our beloved father, uncle, grandfather, and comrade. Thanks to your persistent advocacy, Maroon’s case, and the political pretexts to his over forty years of confinement, have garnered widespread attention and sparked outrage from justice-seeking people across the globe. […]