There iz power in unity!

by Keith ‘Malik’ Washington Revolutionary greetings, comrades and allies. “The most potent weapon in the hands of the oppressor is the mind of the oppressed” is a Steve Biko quote favored by Comrade George Jackson, member of the original Black Panther Party. Comrades, for many months here in Texas, Comrade Rashid, our minister of defense, […]

On racism, resistance and state violence: a discussion on the politrikz of greed and hate

by the NCTT-Cor-SHU “We always agree that ‘race’ is invented but are then required to defer to its embeddedness in the world.” – Paul Gilroy “‘Racism’ is used to justify and facilitate the exploitation of peoples, and it’s based on the false belief that humanity is divided into a plurality of ‘races’ … There are […]

The Ethnic Cleanzing of Amerika

by Jalil Muntqim It began over a decade ago – subtle, quiet and unnoticeable.The media played it up as the result if the drug epidemic The public accepted it with the belief they would be safer. Ten years later, the state and federal governments continue to laud its accomplishment and urge expansion of the cleansing […]

State Prisonz Institute New Censorship Rulez

  Prisoners and prisoners’ rights advocates say the new regulations could result in bans on newspapers, magazines, letters, and inmate writings. By Toshio Meronek Last year, about 30,000 inmates staged a hunger strike in California prisons to protest subpar living conditions and the use of long-term solitary confinement. In response, the California Department of Corrections […]

The deadly ‘integrated yard policy’: Commentary on ‘The Pelikkkan Bay factor: An indictable offense’

by Haazim W. Muntaqim (Jeffrey Milo Burks) Jeffrey Burks (Haazim Muntaqim) After reading “The PeliKKKan Bay factor: An indictable offense” in the Februay 2013 edition of the San Francisco Bay View, I am compelled to share with your readers the evidence I have uncovered while doing research into my own case after I was framed by corrupt […]

Prison hunger strikerz face reprisalz az paperz that back them are censored

by John Studer Since some 30,000 California prisoners launched a hunger strike July 8 against the practice of long-term solitary confinement and other abuses, participants have faced punitive retaliation and censorship of newspapers and other media that backed their fight. The newspapers being censored are the newspapers prisoners love for recognizing their dignity and the […]

White savior John Prendergast tells the world what’s best for Congo and Rwanda now

by Ann Garrison KPFA Evening News, broadcast Nov. 2, 2013 KPFA Evening News Anchor David Rosenberg: This week the Congolese army, backed by the U.N. Force Intervention Brigade, was widely reported to be driving the last of Rwanda’s M23 militia from their positions in the Democratic Republic of the Congo’s most war ravaged province, North […]

New effort to free Omaha Two from Nebraska prison gains momentum

At a conference in Omaha, Nebraska, in August, an all-star panel of scholars and activists announced concurrent efforts to gain freedom for Ed Poindexter and Mondo we Langa (formerly David Rice). The two men have been jailed since August 1970 for the bombing murder of an Omaha policeman. The gathering was held at the Malcolm X […]

30 Days of Hunger Striking, California Prisons Chief Insists It’s “Gang Power Play”

By Sal Rodriguez As of Monday, there were 415 California prisoners in seven facilities on hunger strike. Of them, 244 have been on hunger strike since July 8th, making this hunger strike the longest of the three statewide hunger strikes that California prisoners have launched demanding the “Five Core Demands.” California Department of Corrections […]

Hands off the Bay View

Statement from the Pelikan Bay Human Rights Movement First Amendment Campaign by Abdul Olugbala Shakur, Sondai Kamdibe Dumisani, Abasi Ganda, Ifoma Modibo Kambon, Dadisi Yero, Askari Joka, Mutope Duguma, Sitawa Nantambu Jamaa, Baridi Yero, Kijana Tashiri Askari, Yafeu I-Yapo Preamble: Fascist repression can only flourish when the voices of its victims have been brutally silenced and isolated within the concrete confines of a man-made construct where the scrutiny […]