Hubert Harrison: Growing appreciation for thiz giant of Black history (Our-story)

by Jeffrey B. Perry Hubert Harrison (1883-1927), the “father of Harlem radicalism” and founder of the militant “New Negro Movement,” is a giant of our history. He was extremely important in his day and his significant contributions and influence are attracting increased study and discussion today. In this 90th year since his death in 1927, […]

Revolutionary Daily Thought

A Black Oath A pledge of allrgiance for black people I pledge allegiance to my own black self-respect and to the respect of all other blackz (shadez of black) people on planet earth,all of whom are victimz of the system of racism (white supremacy) And, i pledge to use all of my life energy, intelligence […]

Stand firm collectively and denounce the actionz that caused the death of Hugo ‘Yogi’ Pinell

by Akintunde Oding Jamaa (Kelvin Cannon) I realize that perhaps hundreds or thousands of prisoners throughout Amerika’s prison industrial complex are writing you, expressing a range of emotions, outrage, sadness and disbelief regarding our tragic loss of a genuine revolutionary giant, Hugo L.A. (Yogi) Pinell, who was reportedly – according to local and national news […]


THE HARLEM PEOPLES SURVIVAL PROGRAM (PSP) WOMYNS HERITAGE MONTH 2013 FILM & DISCUSSION SERIES CONTINUES ON MARCH 18TH “Self Respect, Self Defense & Self Determination“ THEN & NOW!THEN & NOW                        Angela Davis – Kathleen Cleaver – Mabel Williams In this historic “live” film interview with Mabel Williams and Kathleen Cleaver; Both women were welcomed and introduced […]

Revolutionary Suicide: The Way Of Liberation

From Revolutionary Suicide Let a new earth rise. Let another world be born. Let a bloody peace be written in the sky. Let a second generation full of courage issue forth, let a people loving freedom come to growth, let a beauty full of healing and a strength of final clenching be the pulsing in […]