Police run feel-good PR campaign while criminalizing Black August

by Davey D Last week I was alerted to an inflammatory story from Bay Area ABC news reporter Dan Noyes that basically sought to disparage the Black August commemorations. The story noted that “police sources” had leaked an FBI bulletin to him stating that prison guards and police were going to be attacked by members […]

Agreement to End Hostilitiez in CA: 3 Year Statuz Update

by MIM(Prisons) September 2015 permalink This spring we sent out a request to all California USW supporters to give us updates on the status of the Agreement to End Hostilities (AEH) at their prison, and to send us a follow up report following the September 9th Day of Solidarity. This status report has been overshadowed […]

Looking at the life of freedom fighter Obi Egbuna Sr

  by The People’s Minister of Information JR Studying the revolutionary politics of the African world has been hard for me, because of the many revolutionary cliques that are at odds with each other in our international movement. The reality is that no matter the ideology, we must be as objective as possible about our […]

‘Ujamaa Village,’ an old idea revisited: Black townz

  by Menhuam Ayele (Michael Morse) 1863-1865 is a very significant period in American history for a number of reasons. Beyond the pivotal importance of the Emancipation Proclamation and the Reconstruction era, this period marks the first time Black people could choose to stay in the land of their bondage or choose to leave voluntarily […]

SFPD can’t stop and frisk, so they turn to ‘hunting’ and ‘wolf packing’

by Davey D The city of San Francisco, once a home to counterculture and folks who were free spirited, has changed for the worse over the past five to 10 years. Borrowing a page from New York’s Michael Bloomberg, the city by the Bay has modeled itself after New York by trying to become a […]