Modern Day ‘Slave’ Patrolz and the Ongoing Legacy of Police Terrorizing Afrikan/Black Communitiez

by Solomon Comissiong The U.S. system of mass Black incarceration cannot reformed, but must be dismantled, root and branch. “The job of the police force in predominately African/black communities is to make sure those communities are contained and kept in a state of constant fear and terror.” “Reforming this system wont work in any way, […]

Revolutionary Daily Thought

“To some degree slavery has always been outlawed and condemned on the outside by the hypocritical mockery of chattering lips. But on the inside and prisons where slavery is embedded and proudly displayed as a Western way of life and a privilege of God himself slavery is condoned on all of its numerous levels.”   Ruchell […]


Enslaved men endured many forms of abuse at the hands of their masters and overseers, including whippings and beatings. Women slaves, too, felt the pain of the lash, as well as other forms of mistreatment. Many women were also sexually abused, whether by being harassed, raped, or forced into concubinage. The attached letters address two […]

Slavery az free trade

The 18th-century thinkers behind laissez-faire economics saw slavery as a great example of global free trade by Blake Smith For nearly four centuries, the Atlantic slave trade brought millions of people into bondage. Scholars estimate that around 1.5 million people perished in the brutal middle passage across the Atlantic. The slave trade linked Africa, Europe and […]

“Enough Iz Enough”: Prisonerz Across The Country Band Together To End Slavery For Good

by Carimah Townes Siddique Hasan, a self-described revolutionary from Savannah, Georgia, has been waiting for a moment like this one, when prisoners across the country band together and say “enough is enough” when it comes to being treated like a slave. “It’s time for a broader struggle,” he told ThinkProgress during his daily phone time in […]

Schooled By Youtube: Did the 13TH AMENDMENT Really End Slavery??

We were taught in school that the 13th Amendment slavery. That is not the case. It began something new for Blacks in America…..something that is still crippling our civilization. This Episode was written by Moni Tano. Check out her Youtube channel and Website! Sources and Additional Information: -Blackmon, Douglas A. Slavery By Another […]

Prisons are for Burning: On Abolition and Dystopia

When people claim they have a plan to abolish prisons, make sure they are not hawking some techno-analytic, biometric, genetic mapping, computer-based or electronic ankle bracelet alternative designed to ensnare us all. Rather than abolishing incarceration, they would democratize it. When it comes to phony prison “abolition” schemes, “the president and his opposition all sound […]

Prisonz are for Burning: On Abolition and Dystopia

by Neal Shirley   A century and a half ago, a huge social struggle was waged over the question of slavery on this continent. Slave uprisings and mass escapes were increasingly common, and conflicts internal to the ruling class over what kinds of colonial and industrial expansion should take place added to the tension. The American […]