Judge approvez expanding class action suit against solitary confinement to include prisonerz transferred out of Pelican Bay

by Katherine Proctor, Courthouse News San Francisco (CN) – A federal judge tentatively granted a motion by the Center for Constitutional Rights to file a supplementary complaint to its class action on behalf of hundreds of prisoners in prolonged solitary confinement at California’s Pelican Bay prison. The May 2012 lawsuit claims that prolonged solitary confinement […]

Prisonz, gangz, witchhuntz and white supremacy

by Steve Martinot “My brotha, I don’t intend to give up. I will continue to promote the New Afrikan Independence Movement and the Republic of New Afrika via New Afrikan Revolutionary Nationalism (NARN). I will continue to coordinate the GJU as well as the BAMCC. I will not allow these racist pigs to criminalize our […]

The way forward to end solitary confinement torture: Where’z the army?

by Todd Ashker On the subject of SHU and Ad-Seg constituting torture, for those of us who may not be familiar with the specifics and in light of CDCr’s steady stream of propaganda – saying, “We don’t operate any solitary confinement units or cells in the California penal system, nor do we torture anyone” – […]

Komrade Shaka Zulu Under Attack!

Prison Radio  Korrespondent has been threatened with violence and needz to be transfered away immediately. He iz currently in solitary, and the situation iz volatile and needz attention from outside supporterz. Hiz mandatory release date iz approaching, and we need to make sure he makez it out of prison.   Call Warden Kenneth Nelson: 973-465-0068973-465-0068 x. 4327 or […]

Meja Yellow Ribbon New Single in collaboration w/ Amnesty International and Free the Angola 3

Yellow Ribbon, Mejas new single released in collaboration with Amnesty International and Free the Angola3 to call for the freedom of Albert Woodfox, the last of ” The Angola 3″ still behind bars where he has spent over 42 years in Solitary Confinement in Louisiana USA. Please Take Action for Alberts Freedom!https://www.amnesty.se/engagera-dig/a…

Humanity indicted for our silence in the face of torture

by Abdul Olugbala Shakur As imprisoned activists we’ve often asked society: What have your eyes seen to wish to see no more? And what have your ears heard to wish to hear no more? Your self-imposed silence has only fueled the government’s thirst for fascist repression, and this repression has manifested on every level of […]

What Would Compel a Man to Try to Cut His Own Face Off?

I recently witnessed a man try to cut his own face off. For me this wasn’t anything out of the ordinary, but as it played out, I imagined the reactions and questions that might arise in the mind of someone in society if they’d observed the same. They would probably wonder in shock, “What sort […]

Support SB188: Give Delaware prisonerz a shot at freedom

by Christopher West There is a chance coming up in the January-June session of the Delaware House of Representatives to restructure habitual offender sentencing. Senate Bill 188 would place application of habitual offender enhanced sentencing in the hands of judges. Currently, power hungry and politically motivated district attorneys have misused the enhancement to further their […]

Merry Christmas Norberto Gonzlez Claudio

  NO ONE SHOULD BE IN SOLITARY CONFINEMENT FOR CHRISTMAS! NORBERTO GONZALEZ CLAUDIO NEEDS YOUR SOLIDARITY! GIVE NORBERTO THE GIFT OF SOLIDARITY AND MAKE YOUR PHONE CALL TODAY! Puerto Rican Political Prisoner Norberto Gonzalez Claudio continues to be in solitary confinement and can’t contact family and lawyers in the federal prison in Coleman, Fl. On […]

Samiya “Goldi” Davis Abdullah 1978 – 2014 Rest In Power

  Dear Brothers, Sisters, Comrades, & Friends – The inhumanity of being seperated from your family weighs heavily on every prisoner.  For Mumia, held in solitary, with non-contact visits for 30 years, it was and is heart wrenching. We are saddened to share the news that Samiya “Goldi” Davis Abdullah, daughter of Wadiya Jamal and […]