George Jackson University – a statement from itz founder

by Abdul Olugbala Shakur Within the California Department of Corrections (CDCr), the name George Jackson evokes both fear and hate among prison guards. His very name represents resistance – the epitome of our Black manhood – and this explains in part why the CDCr has spent the last 44 years attempting to censor the name […]

Control Unitz: Social Control for Semi-Coloniez in the United $tatez (united snakez)

by cipactli of Brown Berets – Prison Chapter                              permalink   Comrades living outside of the First World, and specifically outside of United Snakes borders, may be surprised at the social reality of this prison house of nations. The methods employed on the […]

Terrible Tier II: We are fighting for our livez

by Deron Ruffin I’m writing to show the brothers some love who went on hunger strike in California. It’s crazy how you see other people going through the same thing that you are living. What really impressed me is the fact that all the brothers stood up for the cause – putting aside small differences, […]

Jericho Movement planz campaign for Truth Commission on politikal prisonerz

by Michael Richardson Jericho Movement calls for Truth and Reconciliation Commission Jihad Abdulmumit, Co-Chair of the National Jericho Movement, a political prisoner advocacy group, confirmed planning is underway for a national campaign to ask Congress to establish a Truth and Reconciliation Commission to examine COINTELPRO-era abuses of the criminal justice system by the Federal Bureau of […]

Remembering Yogi

by The People’s Minister of Information JR Valrey The memorial for Hugo “Yogi” Lyon Antonio Pinell was a beautiful and monumental event that loved ones, comrades and the community came from far and wide to attend. The celebration was held at the African American Art and Culture Complex on 762 Fulton in San Francisco’s legendary […]

Iz Rikerz’ New “Secure Unit” Just Solitary Confinement By Another Name?

BY VICTORIA LAW  Mayor de Blasio, DOC Commissioner Joe Ponte, and Warden Becky Scott tour Rikers Island in December (Getty Images / Pool) June 1st is supposed to be the date that New York City’s Department of Correction stops placing 18 to 21-year-olds in solitary confinement on Rikers Island, making the jail the first in […]

Prisonerz Plan Hunger Strike to Protest Wisconsin Long Term Isolation

by MIM(Prisons)     permalink Wisconsin prisoners at Waupun Correctional Institution are planning a hunger strike to begin on 10 June 2016 to demand an end to the torture of long-term confinement in control units in Wisconsin. In 2015, the Wisconsin Department of Corrections (WI DOC) made some policy changes to their use of long-term solitary […]

“Isolation Devastatez the Brain”: The Neuroscience of Solitary Confinement

Carol Schaeffer   Dolores Canales can’t seem to find her way around like she used to. She has spent her whole life in Anaheim, California, yet says she gets lost even in her hometown. She feels that her 20 years in prison, and the 18 months she spent in solitary confinement, has resulted in a permanent […]

Solitary confinement iz ‘no touch’ torture, and it must be abolished

Chelsea E Manning I spent about nine months in an isolated cell behind a one-way mirror. It was cruel, degrading and inhumane ‘For 17 hours a day, I sat directly in front of at least two Marine Corps guards seated behind a one-way mirror. I was not allowed to lay down. I was not allowed […]

Remembering a 15 Year Old Palestinian Woman in Prison Chained to the Bed Springz – She Had Refused to Stop Singing

  Marilyn Buck chained for singing clear minor notes still her song soars skyward women sing songs lullabies lovesongs blues songs chants of exiled lives and martyrs’ death voices search out sounds not yet noted on bars not yet ordered on scales to bring down walls to raise Palestine, free Summer 1988 Marilyn lived most […]