Badge of Impunity

by Jeffrey St. Clair What does it take to awaken a somnambulant media these days? Getting shot in the back 8 times by trigger-happy cops while standing in your grandmother’s backyard while holding a cell phone? That was the fate of young Stephon Clark on the night of March 18 in the Meadowview neighborhood of Sacramento, […]

It Feels Like Being on Death Row

by GEORGE YANCY After hearing about the two Sacramento police officers who tragically shot and killed 22-year-old unarmed Black male Stephon Clark because they thought that he had a gun when in fact he had a cell phone, I was seized yet again by that profoundly uncomfortable feeling of trying to make sense of what it […]

“Rest in Power”: Stephon Clark and Black Self-Defense, Part I

by Tryon P. Woods “Rest in Power”: Stephon Clark and Black Self-Defense, Part I     “Policing precedes law and literally creates it as it goes along.” At the service for Stephon Clark, killed by Sacramento police officers on March 18, 2018, a ribbon affixed to a memorial wreath read, “Rest in Power.” This riff on […]

Every Murdered Black Person Deserves Protest

We should hear about these killings every day, because they happen every day,” said Margaret Kimberley, editor and senior columnist (“Freedom Rider”) for Black Agenda Report. Kimberley is encouraged by the response to Stephon Clark’s death-by-cops in Sacramento, California, but the scale of protest is dwarfed by the crimes. “Every day, an average of three people […]

Movement Most in Need of “Politikal Education”

“We still have too many Black people not being real about our current state of affairs,” said Shannon Jones, of Bronxites for NYPD Accountability, following protests in Manhattan against the police killing of Stephon Clark, in Sacramento, California. Political education should be a top priority. “A lot of our bandwidth is spent among ourselves discussing basic, […]