A Tale of Three Apartheids and the Land Conundrums

“White settlers were convinced that the lands they appropriated in the ‘dark continent’ and other lands were theirs by right.” The word apartheid achieved global notoriety during the height of White rule in South Africa. It then extended at least to one other country where blatant state-sanctioned bigotry went hand in hand with “democracy”: Israel […]

Afrikanz on the Geechie Islandz struggle for self-determination

by Nkashama Sankofa Africans who live on the Gullah or Geechie Islands are being forcibly removed from their homes by crooked colonial politicians and parasitic capitalists in favor of hotels resorts and golf courses. These Africans­––known as Geechie people by many­­––are the descendants of Africans from West and Central Africa who were enslaved and forced […]

Capitalism killed everything, even our courage: Lessonz from the first ‘How to NOT call the copz EVER’ workshop

by Poor News Network “Due to the multitude of lies and stereotypes that permeate our capitalist society about poor people and people of color, we all have collectively bought into the idea that we need to call 911 to be safe,” said Jeremy Miller, organizer and revolutionary family member of POOR Magazine and Idriss Stelley […]

The True Origin Of “Thanksgiving Day”

Dr. Marimba Ani “Misgivings:” An Afrikan-centered, Indigenous-centered View By Mama Marimba A group of European scavengers, many of whom had been imprisoned or homeless in England, arrived in New England in 1620. They first lived on Turtle Island. Half of them died within the first few months. Squanto, of the Pequot people, who had been […]