Through his art, a former prisoner diagnoses the systemic sickness of Florida’s penitentiaries

Moliere Dimanche would use anything he could scrounge up – pieces of folders, the back of commissary forms, old letters – as canvases. Moliere Dimanche, Author provided In 2007, Haitian-American artist Moliere Dimanche was sentenced to 10 years in Florida state prisons, where he ended up serving eight-and-a-half years. While imprisoned, he made art – a series […]

‘We have people that are only getting out of cell twice a month’

by Lucas Guilkey In mid-October, 125 prisoners at the Glenn Dyer Detention Facility in downtown Oakland – over 30 percent of the prisoners housed there – participated in a five-day hunger strike to protest what they say are abusive conditions of isolation and poor healthcare in Alameda County jails. “I am on hunger strike, as well […]

Dixie Be Damned

interview with authors saralee stafford and neal shirley When you study history, one thing that happens is you start to realize how recent and arbitrary everything in society is. How quickly things shift, and how inevitable those changes feel to the people who grow up in their aftermath. Countries, borders, governments, the judicial system, the […]

US (united snakez) prisonerz fight against forced labour

Prison labour PHOTO: AP/Kiichiro Sato Andrew Cheeseman 13 September 2016 Slavery may have been officially outlawed in the United States after the Civil War, but it has been moved from the plantations into the prisons. Coerced labour remains alive and well in the “land of the free”. Almost 1 percent of the US adult population […]

Several prisoners still on hunger strike in Israeli jails

Published today (updated) 17/05/2012 13:50 RAMALLAH (Ma’an) — Several prisoners in Israeli jails are still on hunger strike, officials said Thursday, days after a deal was struck to end a mass hunger strike movement. Israeli Prisons Service spokeswoman Sivan Weizman told Ma’an that Mahmoud al-Sarsak and Akram al-Rekhawi are refusing food. They are being […]

Statement No. 5 of Strike Leadership

by samidoun The following statement was issued early Friday morning, May 11, by the leadership of the hunger strikers in prisons, following their negotiations with IPS officials: Statement No. 5 Issued by the Central Committee of the Leadership of the Strike To the masses of the Palestinian people….you are free before our nation…you are free […]

Solidarity demonstration for Prisoners on Hunger Strike – Friday 29 July

Solidarity demonstration for Prisoners on Hunger Strike – Friday 29 July Thousands of prisoners across California have been on hunger strike for nearly 4 weeks now in protest against the use of solitary confinement following a call by prisoners in the Pelican Bay Secure Housing Unit (SHU). Though the prisoners in Pelican Bay have ended […]

Inmate Health Dwindles as Prison Hunger Strike Enters Fourth Week

Inmate Health Dwindles as Prison Hunger Strike Enters Fourth Week Jorge Rivas 7/18/2011 More than 400 inmates at four California prisons are entering their fourth week of a hunger strike to protest long stays in isolation cells that they contend are cruel and inhumane. Prison officials told the LA Times they’re closely monitoring 49 […]

Protests Grow in Solidarity with California Prisoners as Hunger Strikes Enter Third Week

JUAN GONZALEZ: We turn now to California, where thousands of inmates in at least 11 prisons across the state’s troubled prison system have been on hunger strike for almost two weeks. Many are protesting in solidarity with inmates held in Pelican Bay State Prison, California’s first super-maximum security prison. The hunger strike began on July […]