“We Almost Lost Detroit” “What made the flame in my political consciousness in the early 1980s burn brighter was this one.” —@techmove “Alien (Hold On To Your Dream)” This funky tune captures the experience of immigrating to pursue the “American Dream” and remains exceptionally relevant. “Who’ll Pay Reparations On My Soul?” Fantastic piano and an […]

A long legacy of struggle

by Stephen Millies  African Americans have been mining coal and fighting bosses for over 200 years. Slaves were working in coal mines around Richmond, Va. as early as 1760. During the Civil War, a thousand slaves dug coal for 22 companies in the “Richmond Basin.” A 90 year-old ex-slave miner, West Virginia, 1921. Black miners were […]

The Folsom 6 who stood up for Yogi are vindicated

by Corey Sullivan  It’s time to update my previous report from last year: “Tension at New Folsom between Blacks and guards since assassination of Hugo Pinell.” It has been a real battle these last 13 months fighting Babylon, but finally we’ve been vindicated. On Oct. 14, 2016, the last six convicts – the Folsom 6 […]

Iz Marxism Relevant? Some Usez and Misusez – by David Gilbert, political prisonerz

I’m sure David would love to communicate with people about ideaz in thiz long, new article he wrote.  by David Gilbert (1/16/2017) “Imperialism is piracy […] reorganized, consolidated and adapted to the aim of exploiting the natural and human resources of our peoples.” “[N]obody has yet made a successful revolution without a revolutionary theory.” – Amilcar Cabral[1] […]

December in Nicaragua – Struggle and Solidarity

  December has been important in the history of Nicaragua and Sandinismo. | Photo: EFE An incomplete review offers a glance at why December is such an important month in Nicaragua’s turbulent history.   There are months of the year that for some more or less mysterious reason, or by mere coincidence, are laden with […]

The Nat Turnerz of the 21st century

credits:  Nlcatp.org/  by Ama Biney The new film on the former slave, Nat Turner, whilst deeply flawed should inspire people to find out more about this historical heroic figure, beyond populist narratives. More importantly, his legacy of revolt should inspire the generation of Black Lives Matter to struggle against new forms of domination in our capitalist, […]

Let uz remember the countlezz named and unnamed veteranz of the Nu-Afrikan (Black) Freedom Struggle

by Dequi Kioni-Sadiki On this Veterans Day, let us remember the countless named and unnamed veterans of the Black Freedom Struggle: “To those of us who have dedicated our lives to the liberation of Black people, who dare to say, “we shall have our freedom or the earth will be leveled by our attempts to […]

Learning from the Slaughter in Attica

What the 1971 uprising and massacre reveal about our prison system and the liberal democratic state. By Adam Gopnik The inmates during a negotiating session on September 10, 1971. An uprising born of panic and confusion triggered a cascade of paranoia that extended to the Nixon White House. Photograph from AP Prisons are the bad […]