Look at Two Fractalz and Call Me in the Morning

Aesthetic images can induce staggering changes to the body, including radical reductions in the observer’s stress levels. Richard Taylor The Conversation Are fractals the key to why Pollock’s work captivates? AP Photo/LM Otero Humans are visual creatures. Objects we call “beautiful” or “aesthetic” are a crucial part of our humanity. Even the oldest known examples […]

Black People More Likely to Be Wrongfully Convicted of Murder, Study Showz

by by Niraj Chokshi This article originally appeared on The New York Times Andre Hatchett, center, next to his lawyer Barry Scheck at a news conference in 2016 after his exoneration in Brooklyn for the killing of Neda Mae Carter. Credit Bebeto Matthews/Associated Press Black people convicted of murder or sexual assault are significantly more likely than their […]

Revolutionary Daily Thought

INTELLIGENCE MUST BE DEFINED IN TERMS OF THE DEGREE IN WHICH IT SOLVES YOUR PROBLEMS! The nature of education today prepares you to solve THEIR PROBLEMS and not your own. That’s why you study THEIR books, you go to THEIR schools, you learn THEIR information, THEIR language, THEIR styles, THEIR perceptions, so when you come […]


The Black masses are handling the resistance incorrectly. When the brothers…amassed the people in the streets, threw bricks and Molotov cocktails to destroy property and create disruption, they were herded into a small area by the Gestapo police and immediately contained by the brutal violence of the oppressor’s storm troops. Although this manner of resistance […]

Revolutionary Daily Thought

For no other reason than seeking to study, express or embrace our culture, history (our-story) and politikal ideaz. Though most Nu-Afrikanz (Blackz) have no relation to any revolutionary formation, what we do all have in common iz our Black skin and our common historikal experience with, and development in, capitalist Amerika. The state, unable to […]

Black Kidz Get Kopz in School Because They’re Black, Not Because of Crime, Study Findz

The main determining factor for whether schools get security is race, not crime, according to a study. When ex-Officer Ben Fields dumped a black teen from her desk and slid her across the floor, many observers assumed that the school must’ve had a violent crime problem to need a resource officer. A new study, however, […]

Beauty in the eyez of my kaptorz

by an Ohio prisoner September 2015 permalink Kidnapped, tortured Held against my will Humiliated, degraded Until I can no longer feel Blood, revenge Is all I seem to see 33 strategies of war I plan to forge against my enemy Isolation, frustration The moment I got caught Plan, reflect Became natural in thought Learn, study […]

Louisiana: Killing a White Woman Getz You Executed; Killing a Black Man Doesn’t

  By Robert Stitt Capital punishment is one of those issues that divides Americans. It was one of the topics that the Pope spoke on during his recent trip to the United States. We know his take: stop it. Regardless of the side of the debate you fall on, most people would agree that if […]