Solitary Confinement

Perhaps the single most barbaric aspect of mass incarceration in California is the cruel practice of assigning inmates to solitary confinement. This practice, affecting as many as 6,000 inmates at any given time, has been judged inhumane and unacceptable by human rights experts. The cruelty of the practice is underscored by its arbitrariness: people are […]

Alabama’z women’z prison population: A 930.7 percent increase since 1978

  By Charles J. Dean |   MONTGOMERY, Alabama – A developing and disturbing story has been the allegations leveled at the staff of Julia Tutwiler Prison for Women that for decades the women imprisoned at Tutwiler have been subjected to violence in the form of rape and other abuses by staff. An […]

While millions of Africans are jailed on drug charges, trillion-dollar drug-dealing white banks go free

UhuruNews The U.S. “drug war” that imprisons and murders African people is big business for just about every sector of the capitalist economy. The multi-billion dollar prison industry has created countless jobs and spin-off businesses, serving as an economic stimulus for white people. More than that, the U.S. and British governments, through the big Wall […]