Goals of California participants in National Hunger Strike

  by United KAGE Brothers William E. Brown, Terryance Smith, Anthony Rivas, Repurt Roe and Jay Burton “Don’t be shocked when I say that I was in prison. You’re still in prison. That’s what America means: prison.” – Malcolm X, “Message to the Grassroots” Revolutionary greetings! We come before you all in warrior spirit striving […]

‘I contribute to peace,’ a pledge to end hostilitiez inside and out

by King William Brown, United KAGE Brothers, and Jesse Perez, Prisoners PAC “I will speak of thy testimonies also before kings.” – Psalms 119:46 We, under the union of the United KAGE Brothers, joined with the Prisoners Political Action Committee (PAC), welcome you to our communion. We aim to unite and unionize internationally the peace […]

I am the US economy – from prison to the streetz

  by King William Brown Jr., aka Pye-Face, Minister of United KAGE Brothers Union “Spatial fix has a secondary meaning. Not only does capital fix its contradictions through cities, it also ‘fixes’ in place a whole set of physical infrastructure (fixed capital) and social relations to go along with it. Each phase of capitalist urbanization […]