We Need to Talk About All Aspectz of Racism

by Tom Watts We need to talk about all kinds of racism and about racism in general, because it is all reactionary and all serves to perpetuate inequality and class exploitation. If we are serious about ending racism, we have got to understand it, where it comes from, who it serves and how it works, […]

2016: A New Year & A New Opportunity to Wage Cultural Revolution Against Bush-Wah Ideology (Tom Big Warrior)

by Tom Big Warrior Watts On the one hand, we must combat the ideology of bourgeois (bush-wah) nationalism and on the other bourgeois liberalism and Anarchism. We must struggle to put proletarian ideology and politics in command. This is essential to re-establishing a revolutionary vanguard party and building a Worldwide United Front Against Capitalist-Imperialism, Racism and […]


Introduction The United Panther Movement (UPM) led by NABPP-PC has “Panther Love” for Comrade TACO and the comrades of BRLP and great respect for their accomplishments, but we have a commitment to be “all-the-way revolutionary” and stand in the face of revisionist and counter-revolutionary tendencies within the liberation struggle. Particularly in the coming year (2016), […]