Lynne Stewart readz “Prisonerz Voicez Blocked and Censorship of US Prisonz (3:38) Jaan Laaman

By Jaan Laaman The United States is often called the country of prisons because we are five percent of the world’s population, but the U.S. holds 25 percent of all the prisoners in the world. Recently we have heard talk from the White House and Congress about the need to reduce this huge prison population, […]

SAVE THE DATE: NYC, Sat., Sept. 12, 7 p.m.: Leonard Peltier film “Warrior” at Bluestockingz

WARRIOR The Life of Leonard Peltier a film produced & directed by Suzie Baer   Saturday, September 12, 2015  7 p.m. Bluestockings Book Store 182 Allen Street, New York, NY (a block and a half below East Houston) ​ Although not a new film, Warrior covers the story of Leonard Peltier, an innocent man, locked […]

Writing on the Wall: Selected Prison Writingsz of Mumia Abu-Jamal

  Mumia Abu-Jamal’s essential perspectives on black experience, race relations, freedom, justice, social change, and the future of American society. “Revolutionary love, revolutionary memory and revolutionary analysis are at work in every page written by Mumia Abu-Jamal … His writings are a wake-up call. He is a voice from our prophetic tradition, speaking to us […]