[WATCH] Activists Take Back The Street Named After The Black Mayor Who Bombed MOVE

  On May 13, 1985, under the leadership of Philadelphia’s first Black mayor, W. Wilson Goode Sr., police dropped a bomb on the home of the Black liberation and environmentalist group MOVE. Due to confrontations with police and the complaints of neighbors, MOVEhad been declared a terrorist organization by the city. Eleven MOVE members—five children and six adults—were killed in the bombing. […]

Watch Israeli MP explain why it is kicking out Afrikans who ‘don’t even have a culture

African refugees in Israel demonstrating against deportation in Tel Aviv, Israel on 7 February 2018 [Kobi Wolf/Anadolu Agency] Israel has been deporting Africans from the country under a tight anti-immigration programme that started early this year. At least 37,000 Africans have sought asylum in Israel, but have now been accused of coming to seek work. Some […]

How Thomas Sankara forced his government to use cheap cars to cut cost [Video]

Thomas Sankara arriving for a cabinet meeting in a Renault 5 One can never overestimate the fact that Thomas Sankara was one of Africa’s greatest ever revolutionaries and thinkers. Though his time in power as President of Burkina Faso was senselessly cut short, his ideals and legacy will forever be etched in African political history. […]


   ✊🏿 Bam! Watch this poet break down white privilege (via Kyla Jenée Lacey/Write About Now) “Like, you’re not racist because you don’t use the n-word, but y’all use niggas everyday.” – Kyla Jenée Lacey And after all of that, there are still people who don’t believe white privilege exists…   source:http://afropunk.com/2018/02/watch-poet-break-white-privilege-fck/

WATCH: Sheriff of Deadliest Dept in US Says His Deputies Have Financial Incentive to “Kill” People

Bakersfield, CA — The sheriff of Kern County, Donny Youngblood is on the defensive this month after a local police union released a video in which he states it is “better financially” for law enforcement officers to kill suspects than to injure them. According to KCDOA (Kern County Detention Officers Association), the union who released the video, the […]

The Hidden Meanings Of Afrikan Attire

I am drawing this title from an article that I read that I wish to share with you. However, I want to make a few comments before I share the article with you. One of the things that I find most interesting about how people talk about Africa is that they tend to think that […]

The Original Last Poets in Right On! – Poetry On Film

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