Blackz Can’t Be Racist

Many times,in the presence of whites,I found myself in a position that no black person should ever find themselves in.After being accused of being a racist by liberals and conservatives,both black and white,I found myself having to explain my existence as a black person and why the system does not favor a person of color.Having […]

Experimentz in Segregation

Economic theory is pessimistic about the prospects for undoing racial segregation—but experiments suggest reality isn’t quite so bad. by NATHAN COLLINS Builders at Newport News Homesteads, Virginia, September 1936. (Photo: Everett Historical/Shutterstock) Racial segregation remains a fraught issue throughout the United States, and social scientists have developed a range of theories to explain why that is. […]

Intersectional Black Power: CLR James on Capitalism and Race

To ignore race, C.L.R. James often said, in many contexts and many ways, was a disaster in any social understanding; only the ignoring of class would be worse. Or to put it in his own words: The race question is subsidiary to the class question, and to think of imperialism in terms of race is […]

Faux Loc Trend Even Has White People Lining Up: Historical and Spiritual Roots of Locz

September 19, 2015 by The Reel Network By Dana C. Ayres The American culture is a hopelessly materialistic one. To a large degree, it helps to keep things “light” when there are so many contrasting realities in our amalgamous culture. However, in the quest for openness, acceptance and celebration of the differences in our nation, […]

Obvious Reasonz Why White People Should NEVER Call Black People “Mammy”

 By patrice Naturally Triece Millions tuned in this year for MTV’s Video Music Awards and we all saw host Miley Cyrus on a pre-taped segment with her grandmother and hip-hop legend Snoop Dogg. Snoop was heard telling Cyrus that her “mammie”—which is what she has called her grandmother since her younger years – had made the […]

Call It What It Iz: Lynching and the Enduring Legacy of U.S. State Sponsored Terrorism in the South

by Robert Saleem Holbrook by Komrade Robert Saleem Holbrook One step ahead of the hounds, a few minutes ahead of the lynch mob is how many New Afrikans came north… The cites of amerika were full of New Afrikan refugees who entered them during the 30’s and 40’s, escaping the Klan and southem prison. – […]

What are U celebrating?

It’z All About That Red, Black & Green. 1776 don’t mean a damn thing to me. Panther Love An open letter to Oakland Fam Bam from the Oakland Maroons Art Collective “What, to the American slave, is your 4th of July? I answer; a day that reveals to him, more than all other days in […]

Denmark Vesey Waz a Terrorist But Dylann Roof Iz Not?

A View From the Battlefield by Jamala Rodgers “This country cannot survive when one sector of the society is violently restricted from attaining their human and civil rights. History has shown us that where there’s repression, there will always be resistance.” Dylann Roof’s unspeakable act of terrorism still requires that he gets due process under […]

What Thoze Calling For Calm Don’t Understand About Black Poverty, Struggle

“Black people are viewed in their entirety as criminals. Whites who protest or riot are not called thugs, because the word thug serves as a proxy for the N-word, whether it’s black or white people using the descriptors.”  In light of the current unrest in Baltimore, riot shaming seems to be the new fad. Everybody’s […]

Dear Black People…

By Ntsiki Mazwai What exactly is it that makes u African now that you have denounced everything African? So let me get this right….. u wear white people’s hair; you bleach your skin; you wear suits; take your kids to white schools; you don’t know your languages, customs and traditions; you swopped iizangoma for Christianity; […]