How doez Change Happen? Video of Speech by Angela Davis

From radical rebel to university professor, Angela Davis has dedicated her life to social activism. In this talk, Angela Davis reflects on her successes and shares her insights on the strategies for change that have made – and will make – history. Sponsored by the Women’s Resources and Research Center at UC Davis. source:

Black Power Iz Not The Same Az White Supremacy

By Sterling Wilmer, Above Photo: Maria Tahir | Staff Photographer Some may view the black-and-proud movement as supremacist, but historically the only racial empowerment camp with a history of demeaning the existence of others includes those who fly white-pride banners. To put the black power movement and associated organizations, like the Black Panther Party, on the […]


This viral video of a white girl hitting a black girl in the back of her head with a desk has not only led to outrage, it’s made people wonder why the white girl wasn’t arrested and sent to prison for assault.  Take a look and tell us: What should her punishment be for this […]

The trailer for Hidden Colorz 4 will blow you away

Tariq Nasheed just released the trailer for his new film, Hidden Colors 4. You can watch it below, and it’s amazing. The film is called “The religion of White Supremacy,” and features a star-studded cast of individuals who share their perspectives on racism and how it works in America. Some of the notaries in the […]

A 21st-century slave patrol murdered Sandra Bland

by ISH Let the truth be known: Sandra Bland, an activist in the #BlackLivesMatter movement, was kidnapped and murdered by modern day slave catchers. Her “crime” was daring to act like a human being in the face of the arbitrary and brutal violence of white supremacy and male authority. Watch the videos of her outrageous […]

Revolutionary Daily Thought

A Black Oath A pledge of allrgiance for black people I pledge allegiance to my own black self-respect and to the respect of all other blackz (shadez of black) people on planet earth,all of whom are victimz of the system of racism (white supremacy) And, i pledge to use all of my life energy, intelligence […]

On Racism and Unity

By Kiilu Nyasha May 18, 2010 I am so tired of hearing the static figure propagated by the Zionists — and practically everyone else in the world – that six million Jews were the exclusive victims of Adolph Hitler’s Nazism. The racist white supremacist ideology of 1930s Germany was very particular. White people had to […]

VCU history professor mapz spread of second Ku Klux Klan

Virginia Commonwealth University’s “Mapping the Second Ku Klux Klan, 1915-1940” pinpoints where more than 2,000 local “klaverns,” as they were known, were organized across the nation Explore the map See the interactive map online at By KARIN KAPSIDELIS  The digital dots on the map document pockmarks of racism that spread to every state between […]

Reflecting on Racial Justice: Some Necessary Notez –Dr. Maulana Karenga

Let make thiz clear that thiz post by Dr. Maulana Karenga because u see it posted here doez not mean that the staff at Moorbey’z Blog doez not  believe the viewz and or opinionz , or have any tiez to the US organization. [By Dr. Maulana Karenga]The history of Black people in this country is […]


By: Mat Johnson The following is from the graphic mystery novel Incognegro by Mat Johnson and Warren Pleece. I grew up a black boy who looked white. This was in a predominantly African-American neighborhood, during the height of the Black Power era, so I stood out a bit. My mom even got me a dashiki […]